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A tough, fearless and savvy federal criminal defense attorney since 1970. Forged in the trenches of the largest U.S. District Court in the U.S. – Los Angeles, California. Hardened by the toughest federal judges, Nixon appointees. Unrivaled credentials. 44 years of daily fighting against U.S. Attorneys. Recognized legal scholar with federal trial and appellate expertise. Proven by experience to be “par excellence” by judges, prosecutors and attorneys through Martindale-Hubbell's ratings and 35 published opinions in successful appeals.

Joseph Shemaria, Attorney at Law in Los Angeles, California

Joseph Shemaria graduated from U.C.L.A. Law School in 1969 with the most prestigious academic honors. He was a Senior Editor of the U.C.L.A. Law Review and graduated “Order of the Coif”, the highest academic award. Mr. Shemaria began specializing as a criminal defense attorney in June 1970, and has tried cases in both state and federal courts from coast to coast. He has handled over 1,000 state and federal appeals and writs, 35 of which were published in the permanent, official law books. Mr. Shemaria has spent virtually his entire professional career defending those accused of crimes on a daily basis.

A wise judge once said that the criminal justice system can be like a fast-moving freight train – the only justice you can hope to get is the justice your criminal defense attorney gets for you. Thus, you must pick your criminal defense lawyer very carefully. There is no room for “another” error in judgment! Mr. Shemaria's entire focus is to get you “off the train” with little or no damage. Contact our Los Angeles, California office today.

There are NO substitutes for experience, ability, and name recognition. Thirty five published appellate opinions get instant recognition from both Judges and Prosecutors – they do not want to see their names in a published opinion violating your rights! Select your criminal defense attorney very carefully – exercise the same caution and prudence you would use to choose a brain surgeon. When you hire Mr. Shemaria, he is available to you 24/7, within reason. You deal with your lawyer, not a middleman. Your case is important to us, as it is to you. We take the pressure off of you and strive to keep you abreast of every development on your case. We are in this case together!

Not all criminal lawyers are created equal. Some just jumped in when the Internet became a way to build a practice. Joseph Shemaria – who practices criminal law as a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, California – has been specializing in criminal defense since 1970 – the Internet simply presented a new way to market his many accomplishments and 44 years of criminal law experience! He has the Highest Rating with Martindale-Hubbell since he was first rated in the mid 1970s. He was certified by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization (via examination and inquiries of Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers) on August 7, 1979. Only a small number of criminal defense attorneys in California have the name recognition Mr. Shemaria has received through his 35 published opinions! Fewer yet are honored to be in Martindale-Hubbell's “BAR REGISTER OF PREEMINENT LAWYERS”.


Mr. Shemaria has devoted his entire legal career towards fine-tuning and improving his knowledge and skills in the federal and state criminal law arena, both trial and appellate. Mr. Shemaria earned his reputation with constant research and years of dedicated hard work in the trenches. He gets the “Discovery” materials from the prosecuting agency, interviews his client to know what priorities must be set in the investigation (before the favorable evidence “disappears”), and gets the ball rolling to catch-up with law enforcement's investigation (which is usually done by the time of the arrest). Bail arrangements and/or motions are extremely important if the client did not voluntarily surrender with a guarantee of an “Own Recognizance” or “Personal Surety” bail (or “bond”) arrangement. After thoroughly studying the Government's case, Mr. Shemaria will proceed to pick it apart, looking for the “weakest link.” While working on that link, he will proceed to bury the Government with as many legitimate motions as the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State where the case is being prosecuted will allow. No stone is left unturned! He gets the results clients want through zealous, thorough preparation. The result one gets is often determined by the investigation the criminal defense lawyer does in the first few weeks from the time the lawyer is retained!

If results are what you want, you should consult and compare “criminal attorneys.” Get one who thinks out of the box or you may find yourself in one! Mr. Shemaria does not charge for interviews/consultations. He is and always has been on the cutting edge of new frontiers in criminal law procedure and strategy.

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