Graduating near the top of his class at the UCLA School of Law with the highest honors and having served a prestigious position of Senior Editor of the UCLA Law Review, Joe had job offers from everywhere including from the major law firms on Wall Street, Justices of the Court of Appeal of the State of California to the major law firms in Los Angeles.

After working at three different firms, he decided he can best serve both himself and the public by practicing criminal defense law. He tried his first federal criminal jury trial in 1971 and soon joined the select attorneys chosen for the very limited number of seats on the Criminal Justice Act Panel in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. There he learned how to try, and tried, virtually every type of federal criminal case. After five years on the Panel, he relinquished his seat to his then Associate who probably still remains on the panel.

Joe has handled federal criminal cases from Hawaii to New York with many stops in between. He has always maintained an AV Rating with Martindale Hubbell, and has always maintained a Martindale Hubbell "Peer Review" Rating of 5.0, the highest obtainable. This rating is made my an independent body that canvases the opinions of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Not many criminal defense attorneys ever get a published opinion that carries the weight of "precedent" with all the lower courts. Having handled literally over 1000 criminal appeals, Joe has an unrivaled 33 Published Opinions including Opinions from the 9th, 10th, 11th and D.C. Federal Circuits (Courts of Appeals).

What value does Mr. Shemaria's "published opinions" have for you, you might ask? Well, the one thing no Federal District Court Judge ever wants is to be reversed by the Court of Appeals and, rest assured, your District Court Judge will check out the credentials of your attorney well before your trial. When your judge sees your attorney knows how to fight, and win, on appeal-- that causes your District Judge to think twice and make the correct decision to avoid the possibility of being reversed on appeal.


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