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Facing accusations of a drug crime in a California or federal court can be difficult. Along with the possible punishments and penalties that come with conviction, you could suffer damage to your personal and professional life.

How Long Does a Federal Drug Case Last?

A federal case can usually last less than a year unless it goes to trial, there's a complicated pre-trial discovery, or suppressing issues. Federal state cases usually go longer, but are settled not much longer than a year.

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What are Federal Drug Offenses?

Drug crimes can be charged under state or federal law largely depending on the amount of the drug that was involved. Drug trafficking, cultivation, distribution and manufacturing can be considered federal drug offenses depending on the circumstances and can result in harsher punishment than state offenses.

Federal drug crimes can include:

How the Prosecution Gets to Guilty

As with any crime, the prosecutor must prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that when you walk into the courtroom on a federal drug charge, the jury starts with the assumption that you are innocent. The prosecution then must show that you:

  • Knowingly possessed a controlled substance, and
  • You intended to distribute the substance to another person or bring it into the country from outside the United States.

If, on the other hand, you are charged with a conspiracy drug crime, the prosecution has to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) that you:

  • Made an agreement with at least one other person to make, distribute, or import a controlled substance, and
  • That you joined in the agreement knowing and intending to help accomplish the specified purpose.

Is DMT legal in Los Angeles?

DMT in California is still illegal. DMT just like mushrooms containing psilocybin that’s derived from plants or fungi are still illegal. Psychedelic mushrooms and other natural hallucinogens are also still illegal under California state law and federal law.

Are Drugs Legal in Los Angeles?

In both the federal government and in California, nearly all possession and cultivation of marijuana is still illegal. A person that posses only one ounce or less of marijuana is still a minor offense. Possessing marijuana with the intent to sell is a felony, no matter the amount. Under Proposition 215, people who are under the care of a doctor and possess a prescription for marijuana, may own and cultivate marijuana for their personal consumption.

Establishing a Strong Defense to Federal Drug Crime Charges

Starting early on your drug crimes defense is critical. Even when the preliminary investigations are going on, a knowledgeable Los Angeles federal drug crime attorney can start negotiating with the prosecution and working with experts so you have the most options available to fight the charges against you.

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