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  • Over 5 KG of Cocaine and Six Months in Local Jail

    My husband was arrested with 5 1/2 f kilos of cocaine in the very redneck County of San Bernardino. He was facing a potential sentence of 12 years in prison. Joe appeared personally at almost every hearing over the course of the 18 months that the case lasted in court. Joe tried various motions and through his experience and ability in the courtroom, was able to get the narcotics officer caught in serious contradictions. This allowed Joe to get my husband just six months in jail as opposed to years in prison

    Without Joe getting the upper hand through catching the police and serious contradictions and inconsistencies, my husband might have been gone for a number of years. Me and our children are forever grateful to Joe for all he did for me, my husband and our children!

    - Corey J.

  • 1st Degree Murder Charge Dismissed

    People of the State of California v. HG Just as my life was coming together and totally out of nowhere, I was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in Los Angeles Superior Court. Unfortunately for me at the time, a surveillance camera recorded the murderer casing the location of the murder, rape and torture. The video was not perfect but, quite clearly, the soon-to-be murderer appeared to be me. I had never been in trouble with the law before and under intense interrogation I confess to everything foolishly believing I was going to be released to go home.

    My family hired Joe from the beginning. After Joe's defense expert in facial identification said he could not be of any assistance to the defense, and having already spent 6 1/2 months in county jail awaiting trial, I had basically given up and was ready to take any kind of a deal offered to avoid life imprisonment. Joe never gave up and was always extremely both positive and aggressive. Finally, on a warm July day while the prospective jurors were all gathered in the hall outside of my courtroom, the Judge ruled that my confession was inadmissible and cannot be used against me in trial, the same with all of the evidence gathered as a result of my confession. The district attorney prosecuting the case moved to dismiss the charges as without the confession, they had basically nothing. However, the prosecutor promised to recharge me at a later date.

    I was released from custody that night and have never felt so blessed in my life. Subsequently, as a result of Joe's creative and brilliant representation in the criminal case, I received a seven digit settlement in my lawsuit against the County. The real murderer was subsequently arrested a year after my dismissal and was convicted of the murder. What more can I say about this attorney?

    - Herb G.

  • Federal Indictment for 5 KG of Cocaine; S No Prison!

    I was a happy family man and my wife was pregnant with her third child when I was busted for allegedly participating in a sale of multiple kilos of cocaine to what turned out to be an undercover federal DEA agent. Arrested on the spot, I hired a federal criminal defense lawyer who cannot do anything other than assure me that I was looking at a minimum mandatory 10 years in prison. That was impossible for me and my family.

    I heard about Joe Shemaria and then I hired him. After numerous trips to United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles, I saw Joe turn the worst possible nightmare in my life into a guilty plea with no prison time--no minimum 10 years, not even one year! For the first time in over a year, I was able to sleep at night without waking up with this dark cloud over my head and over my families heads. Joe's experience, reputation and knowledge of how to work the system paid off in spades. I learned the lesson of the lifetime and now I can resume enjoying my life with my family without an unnecessary 10 year interruption. Obviously, I highly recommend him.

    - M.G.

  • Federal Indictment for 2 KG of Cocaine; No Time!
    I'm an immigrant from Afghanistan and was living in San Fernando Valley when I was foolishly enticed to participate in delivering 2 kg of cocaine to a man I never met. I'm a family man and was awaiting the necessary time to become a United States citizen. This federal indictment out of the Central District of California was going to destroy all of that and send me back to Afghanistan after serving years in a federal prison for my participation in this unfortunate event. I talked to many friends and was referred to several attorneys. The only one who had both the experience and the optimistic outlook that me and my family absolutely needed was Joe Shemaria. I hired him and although I pled guilty, my sentence did not include any prison time whatsoever. Joe used a combination of knowledge that I had about Afghanistan and his legal genius to convince the United States Attorney and federal judge to grant me probation. Although I cannot become a citizen, not going to prison made every time I paid Joe for this weight in gold.

    - H.A.

  • First Degree Murder, Rape, Torture: Dismissed

    My son was arrested for murder, rape and torture of a young woman who was working as a housekeeper. He had never been in trouble before and the police talked them into recording his confession to everything that happened to this woman. After scouring the Internet for the very best criminal defense lawyer that we could find and interviewing several of the best, we hired Joe. Although my son remained in custody for seven months, when the jury trial was about to start and I was about to have a nervous breakdown, Joe won
    a suppression motion and the judge criticized the sheriff's department for violating my son's constitutional rights. When the prosecution had all of its best evidence thrown out, they moved to dismiss the case promising to refile. My son was released. The prosecution never refiled and the real murderer's DNA l was later matched to another man who closely resembled my son. He is in prison for life without parole now and my son is an extremely successful entrepreneur and a very happy family man. We cannot express in words how her gratitude to Joe.

    - Ana G.